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Raising Finance

Gone are the days when only the traditional high street banks could provide the necessary funding, there are now accessible lending platforms on-line for funding your business. We make a point of keeping up to date with who is offering the best deals and who are currently the active lenders. We need to be proactive because we know how important it is to our clients.

For most businesses having the right funding in place now or for future plans is absolutely essential. We have extensive contacts and experience within the banking and finance sector and can help you assess your need; best present your case for funding and ultimately secure funding from an appropriate funder.

Equity funding is an important source of finance for start-up and growth companies, but it is not the only type of funding that is available.

At Purves we can advise on this, and other sources of funding, to help your business flourish.
Equity funding can come from business angels and we have contacts with various syndicates in Scotland including Tricap based in the Borders (

Please contact to if you would like further help or advice in this area.

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